Beauty in Action: Satya Twena

If you’ve ever spotted someone wearing one of Satya Twena’s creations, your first thought was probably, “Who’s that girl?” (Or: “I want that!”) The chic milliner’s creations tend to have that effect. In less than a year since she started her NY-based design business, Twena’s handmade hats have been picked up by some of our favorite boutiques and featured everywhere from Vogue to Daily Candy. We picked her brain about her love of hats, plus the beauty products she can’t live without.

Urban Inspiration

I find inspiration from everyday life; I am lucky to live in New York City where there is inspiration everywhere, from the people to the amazing architecture to the couture florists to the gorgeous food! It would be a challenge not to find inspiration. Early Adopter

Ever since I was a young girl, my mother, aunt, and grandmother would dress me up like a little doll. I have photos of me at all ages wearing all sorts of hats. I actually received a photo from my grandmother today with a note: “Here you are – loving hats early on.”

To Hat or Not to Hat

If I hear that someone isn’t a hat person, I get super excited. That’s like saying you don’t look good in clothes or shoes (or makeup!). Some people look amazing in any hat, while others have tried on hats but never found the hat that accentuates their beauty. Once I show them which hats work for them and why, they keep coming back for more.

Personal Picks

I would go one of two ways, either super dramatic and wear the Pooka or go more versatile and wear the Jennifer because I could dress it up in so many different ways.

Beauty Necessities

I strictly follow the LING beauty regimen. I also don’t leave home without Dior Show Mascara, NARS Blush in Orgasm and Guerlain bronzer. I recently discovered I could use bronzer to sculpt! It’s changed my face. After watching Katia’s press and wiggle video, I am obsessed with the beautyblender®.

Go West and Spa

When I’m in California, my mother takes me to this Korean bathhouse and we get the works, which is heavy scrubbing and massages followed by time in the jade room. I come out clean and drunk on relaxation.

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