Lipstick: Beauty Quick Fix

Snafu: Your red lipstick looks siren-like when you get to work but by the time you’ve had your coffee all you’re left with is a ‘Children of the Corn’ ring of pigment.
Solution: Pick a creamy liner in a shade as close to your lipstick as possible. Fill in your entire mouth (just like kindergarten, stay in the lines) and then apply your lipstick. Blot, and then apply another coat of lipstick. That should last you until lunchtime.

Snafu: My lipstick feathers past my lip line, giving me a not-so-hot fuzzy mouth look.
Solution: Lip liner is the most obvious weapon against feathering. If you’re wearing a natural or light shade, choose one that matches the pigment of your lips. For bold colors you’ll need a liner that is just a tiny bit darker than the lipcolor. If you’re liner-averse there are other ways to ward of fuzz: use a lip primer to condition and prep your mouth so that the color stays where it is supposed to stay. Or, choose a matte lipstick, which is less likely to feather (and, happily, also very in right now).

Snafu: When I tried layering gloss over my gorgeous plum lipstick I ended up with purple smears everywhere.
Solution: Gloss on top of a dark lip can be very dangerous. Instead of going over your entire lip, concentrate the gloss in the center of your lip, which will make them look better and is less likely to smear.

Snafu: I’m in a lipstick rut. Help!
Solution: Try on the latest it color: orange. It's modern, fresh, and wearable. Read our Beauty Dare for help picking a shade, and tips on how to wear it (hint: minimal makeup).

Snafu: My lips are cracked and no amount of balm will help my color go on smoothly
Solution: Chapstick alone will not cure dry lips. Use an exfoliator like Leaf & Rusher’s Tx Lips to gently smooth lips in the evening. Before you put on your lipstick, use a lip primer like Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Lip Lift, which will fill in any cracks or bumps. Now you’re ready for color!

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