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Best Anti-Aging Products For Every Age

We love our laugh lines, and believe that you can to look amazing at any age — witness the gorgeous Helen Mirren. But, as with everything else in life, you have to work for it a little bit. Keep skin healthy and youthful by strategically incorporating anti-aging products into your regimen. Here, the best bets for every age.

At 25…

You should start to think about anti-aging products around 25, because that’s when your skin starts to change. In addition to your regular routine (wash, tone, moisturize, and exfoliate twice a week), add in an eye cream at night. Your skin is extremely thin in the eye area, and adding moisture will help to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

At 35…

When you enter your 30s, your skin begins to lose elasticity and moisture. To maintain hydration, add Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet (yes, that’s why salmon is such a great beauty food) or take a daily fish oil supplement. Additionally, start using a collagen-boosting serum once a day to help plump up skin and once a week, use an enzyme-or acid-based peel to keep your skin turning over new cells.

At 45…

At this age, you’re probably noticing a lack of firmness in your skin, as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Trade up to a heavier eye cream and wear it day and night to keep that area well hydrated. Introduce a serum and or a moisturizer with vitamin A and C, which will help fight free radicals. Add a light night cream to keep your skin moisturized during the time that it works the hardest.

At 55…

Think about getting professional microdermabrasion, which gives you immediate results and allows your products to work better. In addition to your eye cream, use a serum with peptides, which increase collagen production, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and also make the skin thicker.

All ages: Drink tons of water, wear SPF daily, and don’t even think about smoking!

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