The Best Bangs for You

One rule: Unless you’re starring in a Reality Bites redux, no inch-long Amish bangs. Otherwise, snip away — bangs are flattering on everyone, as long as you pick the right type for your face shape.

The Basics

Bangs are a great way to refresh your style without taking length from the rest of your cut. They tend to work best on straight or wavy hair, but with extra styling, tight curls can hold them, too.

Shaping Up

No matter what your hair type, it’s important to choose bangs that compliment your features. Longer and side-swept styles help to elongate the face, and allow for experimentation without too much commitment. If your face is long, short or brow-length bangs will help to round it; add a blunt edge for some rock ‘n’ roll.

Maintenance and More

When styling, stick to lighter products like Styling Lotion by Bumble and Bumble, and sculpt with a flat brush to avoid the “bubble” bang look. Heavier products like creams and oils weigh bangs down and make them greasy, as does fussing with your fingers. If you don’t have time to wash, an aerosol hair powder or dry shampoo applied at the roots keeps bangs looking fresh all day long.

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