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January 29, 2015

3 Foolproof Fragrances to Win Over Any Date

Date #1: Romantic Night In: Arquiste Aleksandr is the ideal pairing for that bottle of Malbec youve been saving for a special occasion. This complex scentwhich is particularly well suited to cold weatherhas a warm base of balsam fir, invoking the cozy seclusion of a cabin in the woods. The addition of violet and bitter neroli lends it a Pushkin-inspired passion that comes nowhere close to clich. (Just promise you wont blow it with some bad poetry.)


Date #2: Outdoor Adventure: Prefer to woo your date with the rush of endorphins? With crisp top notes of basil and watermint, English Laundry Royal Aqua is an invigorating accompaniment to an active date, like skiing, ice skating, or hitting the snowy trailswhich are all excellent ways to get to know someone. Base notes of ginger and sandalwood make it warm and winter-appropriate, but if the relationship lasts, youre welcome to wear it year-round.


Date #3: Night on the Town: This is the scent of a man who lives to explore his city: Hes fluent in its selection of speakeasies, gastropubs, and hidden vistas for quiet conversation (or whatever). Inspired by Hemingway, Histoires de Parfums 1899 is an eclectic medley, with notes ranging from Italian bergamot and juniper to black pepper and cinnamon. Let it linger throughout an evening of exotic eats, arts, and cultureand at least one round of Papas signature cocktail.