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Grooming · January 2, 2015

The 5 Grooming Habits You Should Pick Up This Year

Shave with a Safety Razor

Razor commercials would have you think that more blades means better shavesbut that isnt always the case. If you want the smoothest results (and cheaper blades to boot), try shaving with a classic double-edged safety razor. The single blade might demand a little finesse, but it produces the closest possible cut will minimal irritation. Plus, with blades clocking in at 20 cents a pop, your bank account will thank you.

Start Using a Hand Cream

Between winter winds and Rocky-esque workouts, your mitts take a lot of punishment. And gnarled, weatherworn hands are better imagined than experienced. Pick up a powerful hand cream, and use it daily: Itll protect your knuckles from painful cracking and keep your cuticles smooth. Better yet, your partner wont mistake your hand for the broken end of a tree branch.

Get a Head Start on Antiaging

Weve said it before, and well say it again: Its never too early to invest in antiaging. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so dont delay until the wrinkles set in. To kick things off with minimal effort, try adding a potent night cream to your evening grooming ritual: Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream tightens, smooths, and moisturizes in one all-purpose package.

Maintain Your Scruff, No Matter the Length

You dont need a lumberjacks face forest to make beard care a priority. If you wear a constant coat of stubble (a 2- or 3-day shadow) there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure that its soft and smooth. Try swapping out your cleanser and moisturizer for dual-purpose alternatives: Stubble & Stache makes hybrid products that treat skin and scruff alike. Your routine will stay simple, your spouse will be happy, and your face will feel less like a cheese grater.

Wear Weather-Appropriate Cologne

As nice as it is to have a signature scent, sunny days and musky colognes arent exactly complements. To keep your fragrance game on point, expand your lineup of scents to ensure you always have options: a warm or woodsy cologne for winter, a musky aroma for evenings, and a bright citrus scent like Clean Classic for sunny daylight hours.

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