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Weddings · August 7, 2015

These 3 Heartfelt Best Man Speeches Will Help You Write Your Own

The Stand-Up-Comedian Speech

Best man speeches should reflect on what the groom means to you, which is sometimes best summed up in a roast-like manner. This is a great approach to keep the mood light and reflect over a wide array of memories, without losing everyone at the when we were five line. This guys roast of his brother, as well as his flow of jokes throughout the speech, allows him the perfect balance between funny anecdotes and meaningful moments.

The Ball-of-Emotions Speech

This best man came and conquered. He was emotional, heartfelt, and still managed to sneak a few jokes between the tears. Show your groom how much he means to you and also remind everyone what a happy and emotional occasion this is. Get the tissues ready because this guy is opening the floodgates and remember its ok to cry.

The Out-of-the-Box Speech

Not everyone is entirely comfortable performing a standup routine or crying in front of 200 people. This isnt a competition to be the best public speaker, though. If you are worried about impressing the groom or suffer from stage fright, simply opt for a more creative route. This guy pre-recorded his best man speech and then acted out his reactions, making his approach entertaining, relaxed, and memorable.


Adam Hurly