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Gadgets · February 17, 2015

Your Tech Toolkit: 10 Apps to Make Life Easier

For Sharing Expenses: Splitwise

Ill get you next time is fine for a couple of beers at the bar, but things get more complicated when youre sharing bills with roommates or planning a bachelor party weekend with 12 buddies. Splitwise alleviates the awkward tension (and handles the math) with a convenient breakdown of who-owes-who and how much, plus email reminders when payments are due.

For Online Security: Dashlane

Called life-changingly great by The New York Times, this digital wallet stores all of your passwords, credit card numbers, and sensitive information, automatically populating these details when you need them and keeping them on lockdown when you dont.

For a User-Friendly Forecast:

Oh, those unpredictable elements. While we cant promise the weather will ever behave, this app will help you make some sense of it. Its beautifully minimal interface delivers a location-specific forecast for the day and week ahead. And while weather apps are a dime a dozen, this seamless user experiencecomplete with charming animated storm cloudsmakes unpleasant predictions that much more palatable.

For Staying Active in the Office: Stand Up

Half the battle of staying active is knowing how long youve been sedentary. On a quest to rescue us from the health hazards of our desk jobs, Stand Up is a completely customizable alert system reminding you to get out of your chair at regular intervals of your choosing. You get your choice of color scheme and alert tone, and can even specify an alert location so you dont get buzzed if youre out to lunch (in the literal sense, anyway).

For Productivity Anywhere: Evernote

Evernote is essentially a tricked-out office that fits in your pocket. This app lets you take notes, create checklists, manage expenses, draft agendas, save travel reservations and tickets, collect information and sources (like articles and photos), create tags to organize projects, share notebooks for collaboration, and search it all in a snapand thats just the free version. Use it for any major undertaking in work and life, and sync it across all devices for total consistency and ease.

For the Perfectly Seared Steak: GrillTime

While you may not use it every day, grilling is an essential man skill. Fake it til you make it with this digital grilling coachin addition to dishing up tips and tricks, it features a temperature guide, multiple timers for grilling various meats at once, instructions based on your desired doneness, and flip remindersso you can work the crowd without neglecting those bison burgers.

For Stocking the Fridge: Out of Milk

If epic autocorrect fails arent reason enough, heres another excuse to upgrade your grocery lists. This simple app lets you take inventory of both fridge and pantry, and update it in real time. Heres the best part: Lists can be shared and synced with multiple devices, so you and your roommate wont both pick up OJ on the way home.

For Hacking Your Route: City Mapper

You may work a mean GPS when youre behind the wheel, but the rules of navigation are totally different on the city streets. This ingenious app will direct you anywhere in the urban jungle whether by foot, bike, taxi, or public transportand provides realistic estimates regarding your journeys length.

For Outsmarting Sudden Downpours: Dark Sky

Though developed by the folks at Forecast, this app deserves its own honorable mention. By predicting to-the-minute precipitation, it effectively distills weather data down to one crucial, day-defining detail: Do I need an umbrella?

For Picking the Right Whiskey: Distiller

What GrillTime does for the aspiring Grill Master, Distiller does for the wannabe whiskey connoisseur. The app draws from a massive internal database of whiskey reviews and scores (many from industry veterans) to serve up suggestions for specific situations, like toasting your buddys birthday versus gifting a bottle to your boss. A social element lets you search, follow, and share with like-minded imbibers, so you never have to drink alone.