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Technology · July 27, 2015

The 5 Coolest Virtual Reality Experiences You Can Have on Your Smartphone

While Birchbox Man has partnered with River VR to put you behind the wheels of a race car, on a surfboard mid-wave, or above the city in a helicopter, there are a handful of other apps that transport you from your desk to foreign lands, or offer VIP entertainment access. Here are five of our favorites.


A collection of high-profile videosfrom Jerry Seinfeld doing standup to VICE's Millions March protest coveragemakes VRSE one of the most buzzed-about VR apps.

Download: Apple | Google

Proton Pulse

A new spin on single-player Pong. Use your head to move the paddle; just keep aware of your personal space, less you head butt your neighbor.

Download: Apple | Google

Glitcher VR

Glitcher utilizes your camera: It detects faces and puts cartoon heads atop people, or inverts the colors in any room to throw you for a loop.

Download: Google


While simple in context360-degree panoramic photosthe execution is stunning. You'll feel like a tourist at some of the world's best attractions, seeing every angle of the action. (Nevermind that it's paused.)

Download: Apple | Google


With numerous standalone experiences, Jaunt is paving the way for all-access entertainment. See Paul McCartney or Big Sean in concert, experience a WWII rescue simulation, or go base jumping with North Face.

Download: Apple | Google

Visit to download the River VR app or to order a handheld viewer.


Adam Hurly