Birchbox Crush: Erin McKenna

We love cupcakes as much as we love makeup, which is why we are so inspired by Babycakes founder Erin McKenna. The feisty Brooklynite started her Lower East Side bakery in 2005 after discovering her wheat and dairy allergy. Her gluten-free cupcakes and vegan donuts are legendary — we’re partial to the Triple-Chocolate Fat Pants cake ourselves. She just opened her first West Coast outpost, in Los Angeles, and has a second cookbook in the works. And yet, she always seems to look adorable. We found out her secrets.

Barefaced beauty

My boyfriend told me when we first started dating that foundation was the single worst thing a girl can put on her face and insisted that less is more. I weened myself off the compact since and have been really surprised at how good my skin looks now. In the morning I just use a little blush (my favorite is fresh’s Freshface Blush), mascara, and tinted lipgloss. If I'm going out, I put on lots of eyeliner!

Kitchen mishaps

In the beginning we had no air conditioning and my makeup would literally melt off my face and sometimes get on my uniform. Gross!

Alternative to Eau de Cupcake

My all-time favorite scent is Kai Eau de Parfum Spray. It's so fresh and reminds me of running on the beach early in the morning in California.

No-fuss hairstyle

I was really inspired by the Fendi "whirl" updo from the runway for spring. I just roll my hair in a messy side bun on top of my head and push a few long bobby pins in it. The looser the better and it looks even better when it starts to get messy.

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