Birchbox Crush: Mrs. Lilien

There are pretty blogs and then there are the stunning, I-want-to-buy-everything, where-did the-last-hour-go blogs. Kelley Lilien’s Mrs. Lilien definitely falls into the latter camp. A graphic designer by trade, Lilien’s mark is on every aspect of the site, from the plethora of captivating visuals to dizzying array of superb picks. The self-professed “arbiter of the elusive ladylike pleasures” keeps us coming back to her blog to click and covet.

Best Beauty Secret

Water + sleep + daily exfoliation = glowing skin. Also, being 32 years young, it is my solemn duty to take preventative wrinkle measures (read: nightly retinol.) I live for this Skin Ceuticals Night Cream with retinol.

Must-have Product:

I'm a deep lover of the Clarisonic, I'm convinced it sonic-sexifies my complexion! I particularly like the Mia model so I can take it with me when I travel.

Fave New Find

I just discovered AHAVA products—wow! I’m madly in love with the Deadsea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist, it has replaced my post-shower lotion and it smells utterly delicious.

Booze Hound

I have an obsession with booze. I always have. I grew up making cocktails for my mother and grandmother. When Random House approached me about creating a cocktail guide, I was beyond excited. I wanted to focus on drinks people knew. I don’t like sugars or syrups, so instead you’ll find ingredients like whole fruit and agave. Despite my initial enthusiasm, after months of taste-tasting, I wanted nothing more than a long detox when it was over.

Day to Night

In my opinion, big earrings and lipstick make a lady. Those are the two things I definitely add to a daytime outfit to make it more nighttime appropriate. Even though I have my ears pierced, I live for clip-ons. I just bought a pair of mink puff clips on Ebay for $50. They are beyond glam.

Inspiration Destination

I'm currently obsessed with Pinterest. Every time I take a peek, I see something new that usually sets off an Internet explosion of clicking and exploring.

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