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Inside Birchbox · September 28, 2015

4 Things to Know About Birchboxs Partnership with Este Lauders Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

BCRF Makes the Most of Its Donations

Since it was founded in 1993 by former Vice President of Este Lauder Evelyn H. Lauder, BCRF has raised over half a billion dollars for breast cancer studies and has maintained four stars, the highest rating, from Charity Navigator (meaning it exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its category) for over 13 years.

Birchboxs $104K Will Fund a Year of Breast Cancer Research

Though it might seem like an arbitrary number, $104,000 is the exact amount necessary to fund an entire year of working hours in a breast cancer research lab.

Research Leads to Breakthroughs

In the lab, scientists focus on six specific pillars of study, including everything from tumor biology to what causes metastasis to prevention and treatment options. Because 91 cents of every dollar donated to BCRF goes to breast cancer research, the organization has influenced many major breakthroughs and discoveries in the field.

Anyone Can Get Involved

Anyone can start a fundraiser for BCRF on their website. Ways to raise money include running a marathon, hosting a bake sale, or (in the case of one young philanthropist) giving up your phone for a month in exchange for donation dollars. And, of course, you can always donate directly to BCRF (a $50 donation will fund one hour in the lab).


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