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July 27, 2015

August 2015: Editors Letter


As kids, we could never get enough of our View-Masters. Wed spend hours swapping in and out cardboard reels, losing ourselves in 3-D still lives of dinosaurs and celestial bodies. Flash forward a few decades and finally, the grown-up version has arrived. As soon as we tried our first smartphone-enabled virtual reality experience, we knew we had to get it into the hands of our subscribers. Try it and were sure youll be blown away too.

In the spirit of virtual exploration and new frontiers, we decided to call August Brave New Worlds. Its all about meeting the unknown head on. That might mean challenging yourself to workout like a professional boxer, or learning some style rules just to break them.

While you wait for your VR viewer to arrive, get a sneak peek of what else weve got in store for August boxes. If youre not a subscriber, its not too late to sign up in time to snag your own August box.



Adam Hurly