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February 17, 2015

How to Write Under Water (and Other Life Hacks from Februarys Box)

A Healthy Beard Starts with Your Skin

If a robust beard has you neglecting your complexion, its time to reassess your routine. Brothers Artisan Oil was concocted with the belief that your scruff is only as healthy as the skin beneath. This blend of natural oils softens facial hair and prevents itching while reducing inflammation and tightening pores. Something of a cure-all, it also works wonders on nails, cuticles, and dry patches of skin.

Waterproof Notebooks Are a Thing

Rite in the Rains all-weather notebook may sound like a modern innovation, but the original was actually invented in the early 1900s by a logger who needed to take notes while working outdoors. Its proprietary paper coating can be fully submerged without damage, and has become a favorite of campers, fisherman, and any guy wont let the weather get in the way of his day.

Charcoal Has Benefits Beyond the Grill

Brickell makes a major case for natural ingredients with this gentle cleanser, which can be used multiple times daily (if desired) without drying out skin. The secret is its combination of bacteria-fighting charcoal, nourishing olive oil (which also dissolves dirty oils), and hydrating jojoba and aloe. Who needs harsh chemicals with a lineup like that?

Your USB Port Is What You Make of It

We love a laptop as much as the next guy, but two USB ports are never enough. The invention junkies at Quirky bring us this flexible, four-port expander, designed to easily connect auxiliary devices like flash drives, printers, and chargers. The flexible neck makes it ideal for workspaces that are a little too crampedand arent they all?

Liquid Cream May Be the Best-Kept Shaving Secret

Think shave cream comes only as foam or lotion? Lucky Tiger is changing the game with this organic formula, which goes from pure liquid to lather when you add water. This allows it to permeate every part of your beard and skin, nourishing and softening all over for a silky-smooth shave.

A Money Clip Is All You Need

Seriously. We dare you to ditch the old business cards, expired loyalty cards, grocery receipts, and hidden coins that have turned your wallet into a bulky, pocket-crowding eyesore. Better yet: Nip the hoarding impulse in the bud by allowing yourself only the slender silhouette and sparing pockets of Orchills Boreal Wallet.

Bar Soap Is Backand Its the Perfect Simple Indulgence

Bar soaps bad rap (dry skin, flakey residue) is instantly erased by this luxurious-yet-low-maintenance formula. Propers superior bar is American-made and French-milled using uber-hydrating shea butter and olive oil. (We even know how to make it last twice as long.)

Theres Nothing Nerdy About Cord Management

In 100% premium leather, the Cord Taco from This Is Ground is almost unrecognizable as a tech accessory. Designed to keep earbuds (or other small wires) contained and untangled when theyre not in use, its a rugged, simple essential that your wallet wont mind being seen with.

Masculine Doesnt Have to Be Musky

Royal Aqua is a total breath of fresh air from our friends at English Laundry. Light, crisp, and mellow, it blends basil, watermint, ginger, and sandalwood in an invigorating-yet-restrained scentcapturing the air of a cool, casual gentleman.

Patterned Socks Can Be Taken Seriously

Punchy patterns may have put Happy Socks on the map, but theres a lot more to them than meets the eye. They have every design detail youd expect form a sock conceived in Sweden and manufactured in Turkey: fine combed cotton, reinforced toes and heels, and just enough stretch to stay up and hold their shape (no matter how hard you hit the pavement). Do them justice by matching your outfit accordingly.