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January 14, 2015

How to Smell Like LL Cool J (and Other Lessons From Januarys Box)

Its Not a Touch Screen Unless You Can Feel Your Fingers

We rely on texting as much as the next guy, but going gloveless in frigid temps is never the answer. Keep your digits fully functioning with some delightfully warm, tech-friendly gloves from Men in Cities. Their conductive fingertips can be used on any touch screen, so fingers stay toasty as you tap away. (Just be sure to safeguard your device against the elements, too.)

Your Skin Needs Protein, Too

It turns out everyones favorite bodybuilding nutrient has gravity-defying effects on your face. The complexion experts at Lab Series used hydrolyzed oat protein and whey protein to develop an age-reversing cream that lifts, smooths, firms, and moisturizes skin in one fell swoop. Youll see visible improvement in about a monthcan you say the same for those bench presses?

Poly Is Powerful

Forget what you think you know about polyester. Cory Vines has developed an uber-breathable, proprietary blend of the popular synthetic, featuring the kind of four-way-stretch youd expect from spandex. As a result, its Path Long Sleeve Shirt is primed for peak performance as well as cozy rest days.

True Grit Starts with Your Skin

Tapping natural exfoliators like crushed apricot seed, charcoal powder, and Moroccan lava clay, DTRTs facial scrub delivers a healthy dose of natural nourishment and moisture along with its skin-buffing abilities.

You, Too, Can Smell Like LL

Thats Cool J, not Bean. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur calls Gendarme Eau de Cologne his signature scent. But dont worry about being chased down by rabid 80s rap fanscrisp, light, and hypoallergenic, this fragrance is subtle enough to make your own.

Citrus Is Surprisingly Versatile

Case in point: Bergamot. The essence of this Italian orange is most commonly found in Earl Grey tea, but its also proved potent on the skinand has a stress-relieving scent, to boot. A healthy infusion in this body soap will turn your morning shower into a sacred ritual.

Now Theres a Shoe Shine for Sneakerheads

Jason Markk brings a little street savvy to an age-old gentlemans tradition. Designed for use on rubber, canvas, and most materials except suede and nubuck leather, this shoe cleaning solution is gentle enough for your most prized Nikesyet tough on the dirt and scuffs that cramp their style.

Better Fit = Better Sound

Loose-fitting earbuds arent just uncomfortablethey also impede the sound quality of your perfect playlist. Thats why this pair from Icon Q comes with interchangeable silicone tips, which ensure a perfectly snug fit and an optimized listening experience. Meanwhile, a built-in microphone lets you take a call hands-free.

Clean Is Always In Style

Even if his style is ever-evolving, a man needs a signature scent. CLEANs Classic Eau de Toilette for Men has a just-out-of-the-shower freshness that will accompany you from fashion triumphs to epic fails with equal grace.

Sometimes Half Is Just Enough

The half-popped corn kernels in Nourish Snacks Mr. Popular are no mistake. Denser and crunchier than your garden-variety popcorn, this treat satisfies anytime cravings with plenty of fiber and none of the bad stuff. Smuggle it into the movies and breeze past the suckers in line for overpriced snacks.