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June 8, 2015

Birchbox Man June 2015: Lessons Learned from this Months Box

When it comes to skincare, caffeines got competition.

You probably know that coffees star ingredient has big benefits for hair and skin. But theres another invigorating, regenerative ingredient in town: A centuries-old staple of Chinese medicine, Ginseng is rapidly emerging as a skincare superhero. As part of your daily shower, it can boost collagen production, brighten your complexion, and soothe skin while aiding in its repair.

Looks matterbut not for the reason you think.

The former football buddies behind Montez Renault have a pretty powerful vision: When you look and feel better, youre empowered to do better. To tackle that first part, the company works with seasoned dermatologists to develop skincare formulaslike cleansers and scrubsthat are driven by science, centered on health, and free of harmful additives.

A little leather goes a long way.

Well happily extoll the virtues of a leather belt, wallet, or shoes, but this month brought about some subtler uses of cowhide. Take the Bottlehook: Part keyring and part bottle opener, this belt-loop essential is completed by a hand-cut leather tab. In a similar meeting of looks and utility, the Men In Cities Luggage Tag adds a rugged touch to your travels (and ensures your bag always finds its way home).

Mile-high mixology is a thing.

Traveling to a million summer weddings just got a whole lot more tolerable thanks to this pocket-sized (and, yes, TSA-approved), carry-on cocktail kit. It contains all you need to mix an Old Fashioned cocktail at cruising altitude, except the hard stuffbut since this kit is good for two cocktails, you may be able to bribe your flight attendant into comping you a little bit of bourbon.

Deodorant doesnt always cut it.

When the weather gets really balmy, you sweat everywhereand pits are least of your problems. Once you own up, the solution is all too simple: Balla Powder. It absorbs moisture and prevents painful chafing wherever applied, be that on your back, in your shoes, or (perhaps most importantly) under your shorts. It comes in your choice of a woodsy or tingly mint aroma, so sprinkle responsibly.


Kate Canary