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March 17, 2015

Birchbox Man March 2015: Lessons Learned from this Months Box

Face masks can be manly

The team that masks togetherconquers tasks together? That was the case when our editors test drove the THANN Face Mask on an otherwise typical Tuesday. We love this mask because it penetrates deep down into pores to bring acne-causing gunk to the surface. Because its made of clay, it doesnt sting and has a clean, mild scent.

Lots of guys have been applying hair product all wrong

A stylist to the stars (and numerous Birchbox employees), Jeff Chastain is something of a legend here at HQ. So when he doles out advicelike applying hair product from back to frontwe make sure it gets to you. This method helps to distribute product (like his new Reworkable Hold Paste) more effectively, since hair tends to be thinner toward the front.

Face serum is worth a spin

Your regular moisturizer is to a draft beer what face serum is to a shot of whiskey. Meaning: The stuff is potent, valuable, and best served in small portions. DTRT Bright Idea Serum actually comes in a generous 140-mL bottle, which should last you the better part of a year.

We need to do more shopping in Sweden

It should come as no surprise that a Scandinavian design sensibilityminimal, seamless, functionaltranslates beautifully to wardrobe basics. Between this long-sleeved tee from the White Briefs and these boxer briefs by Bread & Boxers, weve found a comfortable, exceptionally well-fitting foundation for whatever else we dig out of the closet.

Guys are loving the man bracelet

We knew you would. But seriously, weve yet to meet a guy who hasnt fallen for the Bison Made Double Wrap Bracelet. The reviews speak for themselves: Its just a handsome, sturdy, simple statement reflective of its all-American craftsmanship.