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February 9, 2015

Birchbox Man Short List: February 9

Japan Builds a Snowy Star Wars Mount Rushmore via Quartz

Because why the hell not?

Men, Those Tightie Whities Really Are Killing Your Sperm Count via FiveThirtyEight

Heat and tight underwear: good for South Beach, bad for your fertility.

Sports Huevos: Turn Your Eggs Into Little Sport Balls via Supercompressor

A good prank: Swap out your buddy's actual golf ball with an golf-ball-shaped egg.

Slow Runners Come Out Ahead via NY Times

Here are some odd findings: Data is showing that fast, frequent runners aren't outliving slow, steady joggersand have the same life expectancy as sedentary individuals.

The Books: When Partners Combine Collections via The Morning News

"Bills, garbage duty, cleaning up after dinnerliving together will test any couples bond. But the act of combining bookshelves supplies its own revelations."

Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd.


Adam Hurly