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January 12, 2015

Birchbox Man Short List: January 12

This Calendar Grows a Beard All Year Long via FastCO Design

Here's to a truly aspirational 2015.

Check Out This Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Sweatsuit via Supercompressor

One sized small for man, one giant leap into man's own bed.

Stay Away From Guys Who Take Egregious Selfies via Yahoo Health

Studies show these guys are not only more narcissistic, but also rank higher on the psychopathic scale. Gulp.

Watch Bill Gates Drink Water Made from Human Poop via Esquire

And, as an educational bonus, you'll learn how this type of practice can help provide developing countries with proper sanitation.

To the Office, With Love via NY Mag

There are estimates that, within five years, over 40 percent of the American workforce will be made up of "contingent" (freelance, contract, part-time, etc) workers. Here's how things might shape up in that type of economy.

Image: Anna Marinenko


Adam Hurly