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March 23, 2015

Birchbox Man Short List: March 23

The Postmodern Skateboard Lets You Cruise Over Grass via PSFK

We are creeping ever closer to hoverboards...

Aerial Photos of Cruise Ships via Supercompressor

Here's an angle on the world that our Instagram feeds haven't exhausted.

Everything You Need to Know About Will Forte's Grooming Habits via Esquire

The Last Man on Earth star reflects on his mighty, Castaway-esque beard.

A Better Way to Find the Best Flights and Avoid the Worst Airports via FiveThirtyEight

If there's one thing we want broken down into data, it's this.

About Face: Why is South Korea the Worlds Plastic-Surgery Capital? via The New Yorker

Plastic Surgery in South Korea isn't only accepted, it's expected.


Adam Hurly