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January 12, 2015

Birchbox Short List

Read a Study on the 30-Year-Old

By the time next Monday rolls around, the author of this very Short List will turn (gasp!) 30 years old. Thankfully the evolution from one's 20s to her 30s can be faithfully summed up in this series of charts and graphs by author Ceclia Rabess and Jessica Saia. Example metric: "The Reason I'm Broke. Age 20: Sale at Forever21. Age 30: Weddings." Truth. (The Bold Italic)

Switch Out Your Black Coat for a Pink Coverup

Forget orangeaccording to the trendwatchers at Refinery29, pink is the new black. Ladies on the streets of NYC have already started sporting the rosy shade in place of drab ol' black. Find out how to pull it off. (Refinery29)

Pick Your Favorite Red Carpet Gown

Last night's Golden Globes dresses were a wash of red, white, and sparkle. Whether you prefer Jane Fonda's age-defying ruby ensemble or J.Lo's glam gown, make your preference known by heading over to our Facebook album and voting for your favorites. (Facebook)

Discover the "Secret World of Thoughts" in a New Podcast

If you're a podcast addict looking to fill the hole left by Serial, NPR's new show Invisibilia makes for a worthy candidate. Hosted by reporters Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, it explores the invisible world that exists in our thoughtshow we think, why we have the thoughts we have, and whether or not we can believe them. It's a fascinating look at the world inside our heads. (NPR)

Illustration: Jessica Saia for The Bold Italic


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