Birchbox Short List

Forgive us for stating the obvious but: It’s Monday, and you’re not quite ready to start the work week. That’s why we’re bringing you the Birchbox Short List, a spirited guide to the best celeb gossip, videos, beauty news, and more. Think of it as your second cup of Joe—we promise we’ll leave you feeling ready to conquer the day (and week) ahead. Here, our picks for the week of January 20.

SOCHI 2014

Gotta be honest, I am SO pumped about the Winter Olympics. I remember the 2010 Winter Games very fondly (mainly just watching curling whenever I had the chance). This year, it’s all about figure skating. To get you in the spirit, watch this video of the US team’s Jason Brown—I dare you not to get goosebumps.

Chilling Out

David Lynch has long been an advocate of Transcendental Meditation, and a recent article in the SF Gate checks in with a local public middle school who has put the meditative practice into action with its Quiet Time program. Since launching Quiet Time in 2007, suspensions have fallen by 45 percent, and attendance has risen to 98 percent percent, lightyears above the city average. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


New York Mag has compiled 15 tales of snooping (and being snooped on) in a new feature. While some stories are soul-crushing and others are plain stupid, our favorite comes from a girl whose boyfriend misinterprets texts in her phone from one “Matt Damon.”

Models Who Code

You may recognize Lyndsey Scott’s face from the pages of your favorite fashion mag (or even from the Victoria’s Secret runway), but we were please to learn the model’s other secret this week: she’s a closet coder. In addition to studying computer science in college the model has even begun creating her own apps. Is this the rise of a new type of slashie?

Skip the Wash, and Go

We’ll admit to skipping a shampoo here and there, but have you ever considered giving it up altogether? One blogger featured this week on the Huffington Post has gone a whopping five years sans shampoo—and couldn’t be happier about it. Would you dare?

A Girl (and a Guy) on GIRLS

We’ve already declared 2014 the year of Lena Dunham, and this week was no exception. Let’s step aside from the [Photoshop controversy}( and get to the good stuff: Girls season three. Whether you love the show or can’t stand it, this debate on Buzzfeed is a fun, zippy read.

Eye Candy

Well, this is pretty. Have you ever wondered what sand looks like under microscope? Spoiler alert: it’s magical. Check out these magnified images of sand and prepared to be mystified—looking at these photos is like entering an entirely new world.

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