Birchbox Short List

Forgive us for stating the obvious but: It’s Monday, and you’re not quite ready to start the work week. That’s why we’re bringing you the Birchbox Short List, a spirited guide to the best celeb gossip, videos, beauty news, and more. Think of it as your second cup of Joe—we promise we’ll leave you feeling ready to conquer the day (and week) ahead. Here, our picks for the week of March 3.

Under the Covers

This past week brought us two hard-to-overlook cover songs by way of Miley Cyrus and Haim. First up, Miley put an alt-country spin on Outkast’s mega hit “Hey Ya.” Then the rocker sisters showed us they love us “like XO” by covering the gushy hit from Beyonce’s self-titled album.

Discovering #Normcore

What do Jerry Seinfeld and Google Maps have in common? Both are major style muses for a growing (and sartorially confusing) trend dubbed normcore, which thrives on the principal of blending in rather than standing out.

Easiest. Hairstyle. Ever.

We can’t get enough of the hair tuck, which made an appearance on many Fall 2014 runways. In true lazy girl spirit, it’s a quick way to look pulled together, even when you’ve forgotten to brush your hair.

Change the Ratio

Who doesn’t want to see more women not just making but writing important headlines? A new weekly dispatch called Foreign Policy Interrupted aims to give more females a voice in the media, here and abroad. Subscribe today!

Oscars Recap: 1994

Yep, you read that right. Vanity Fair treats us to a nostalgic recap of Oscar night, two decades ago. From a 12 year-old Elijah Wood (adorable!) to defunct power couples like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, it’s a wild ride down Hollywood’s memory lane.

Book Club, Kids’ Edition

When looking for a new book, it may be best to go back to your roots. At least that’s what Buzzfeed supposes with its new take on book recommendations. Find your favorite childhood novel to figure out the contemporary writer you should be reading. For instance, if you loved the magical world of Roald Dahl, then you’ll surely enjoy Haruki Murakami’s magical realism.

Photo: Shine On Media via YouTube

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