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Pop Culture · March 9, 2015

Birchbox Short List

Check Out Tina Fey's Newest TV Show

If you're still reeling from the end of 30 Rock, reel no more. Tina Fey is back with a new Netflix series called The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starring The Office and Bridemaids' Ellie Kemper. Kemper plays the title character, who's just emerged from a bomb shelter after 15 years underground. Hilarity ensues for 13 glorious episodes, all streaming now. (Decider)

Access Your Exclamations

When someone texts you a simple "k," how does it make you feel? If the answer is "miffed," you're not alone. The rules of texting punctuation are tricky, which is why The New York Times has devoted an entire article to its intricacies, including when to use an exclamation mark (and how many to use) and why no one over the age of 50 uses the abbreviation ILY. (The New York Times)

Start Redecorating for Spring

Help yourself through the final few weeks of winter with the bright colors and playful patterns in the new Home collection by Dusen Dusen (Lena Dunham's a fan). Full of squiggles, stripes, and a particularly perfect model (SNL's Aidy Bryant), this lookbook will have you smiling in no time. (The Cut)

Drink More Water

We don't have to tell you that gulping down at least eight glasses of water can work wonders for your bod, inside and out. But if you're worried you're not getting enough H2O, Waterlogged (a hydration app) can help. Use the app to track how many ounces you've had and how many are left to hit your goalit'll even remind you to drink up. (iTunes)

Photo: Netflix


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