Birchbox Short List

Forgive us for stating the obvious but: It’s Monday, and you’re not quite ready to start the work week. That’s why we’re bringing you the Birchbox Short List, a spirited guide to the best celeb gossip, videos, beauty news, and more. Think of it as your second cup of Joe—we promise we’ll leave you feeling ready to conquer the day (and week) ahead. Here, our picks for the week of March 31.


Similar to Rachel Zoe and Kelly Cutrone before her, Diane Von Furstenberg is the next major style maven to get her own Bravo reality show. Will you watch it?

Teen Queen

Though we’ve already regaled you with our love of podcasts, we couldn’t help but recommend one more: an interview with Tavi Gevinson, the editor-in-chief and all-around creative superpower behind Rookie Mag, a site for teenage girls.

Flirt Alert

Do you ever wish there were a scientific guide to flirting? Look no further than this recent study from a St. Louis psychologist for research-backed successful techniques. Turns out that solid flirting skills can be more effective than good looks. (But we already knew that.)

Homemade Makeup

Would you ever order cosmetics that were cooked up in someone else’s kitchen? Many people are doing just that thanks to independent makeup creators on Etsy—to mixed results, according to a recent New York Times article.

Photo: Jason Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images North America

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