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Makeup · July 30, 2019

Blasts from Our Beauty Past: Staff Edition

ICYMI: This months Birchbox theme is Old-School Summertime and it made us reminisce about our pastincluding the good, the bad, and the err, ugly! Ready for a little #TBT action?

We rounded up six brave Birchbox staffers to share a throwback beauty moment with us that they wish they could do-over. We have feeling youll definitely be able to relate to a few of these. Plus, our in-house beauty editor Janell Hickman shares a few fixes shed suggest.


Eyeshadow Overload

I loved wearing makeup, but had NO idea of how to apply it. I always asked my older cousin to do my makeup since she worked at the Estee Lauder counter. Here, I followed the (wrong) trend of always matching your eyeshadow to what you were wearing. In conclusion, I looked a hot ass mess and would NEVER in 2019 lol. Deja
Beauty Solution: Love of Color One & Done Shadow Stick ($10)

Why? Ok, eyeshadow can be pretty hard unless you are pro-level. Opt for something simple and creamy that you can apply with ease under one-minute flat.

Bleached Beyond Repair

"I had platinum bleached hair for eight years! Sometimes, I was told I looked like a Targaeryan. Woot! However, the other 99.9% of the time I had deep-fried, shattered broomstick strands sticking generously in all directions!" Romy
Beauty Solution: [Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Coconut & Fig Hair Masque] ( ($49.90)
Why? Bleached hair needs a ton of TLC. This customer-favorite helps reverse damage, adds much needed hydration, and fights frizz.

Out-of-Control Curls

"Growing up, I had NO idea how to tame my curls. Both my parents have straight/wavy hair so I grew up learning via trial and error very quickly. I was always embarrassed by my big hair, but I know now that it defines my personality and who I am today." Abby
Beauty Solution: [Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle] ( ($23.50)
Why? Curly girls swear by this customer favorite to help detangle, soften, and condition waves, spirals, coils, and everything in between. Plus, it also helps shield colored hair from heat and/or sun damage.


Flatiron Fiasco

"When I was in high school girls in my grade started getting this Japanese straightening treatment (think: tons of harsh chemicals) to make their hair super sleek and flat. My hair is naturally straight but very thick, so to emulate the look Id obsessively flat iron my hair every daydoing multiple passes in the same sections. Looking back, I wish I would have embraced my volume...or at the very least used a heat protector!" Katie
Beauty Solution: [amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm] ( ($25)
Why? Make your products work harder (and your tools less) by way of this super-smart priming balm. The non-sticky formula keeps frizz at bay, adds shine, and helps keep thicker hair textures feeling manageable.

Curls Gone Wild

I wish I knew about curl conditioners then the way I do now! Marko
Beauty Solution: [R+Co CASSETTE Curl Conditioner] ( ($29)
Why? I want dry, frizzy curls! said no-one everwhich is why this hydrating daily conditioner is a godsend. The lightweight formula allows you to revive bedhead (aka smushed curls) add shine, and minimize excess frizz.

Round-Brush Wars

I thought I could pull off straight bangs with really curly hair. Unfortunately, I did not know what I was doing with a round brush. Erin
Beauty Solution: [Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm] ( ($25)
Why? Frizz and humidity is a curly curls #1 worst envy. Whether you rock your hair straight or natural, keep stray hairs at bay with a non-sticky serum like this to keep everything under control.


Janell Hickman