The 11 Things Every Birchbox Subscriber Must Know

If you're a Birchbox subscriber, you already know that getting a monthly delivery of personalized beauty samples is pretty awesome. But that's just the beginning. By being a part of the Birchbox community, you unlock some pretty amazing perks. Let us fill you in...

1. It’s All About the Benjamins (aka your Birchbox Points)

Seasoned Birchbox subscribers know that Points can only be redeemed in increments of 100 (100 points = $10). What happens if your total comes to $21? Before you shrug your shoulders in defeat and cash in 300 points, head over to our $25 and Under category and pick up a little something extra for yourself. Pro tip: Sort the category by price so you can see which products will help you reach your point maximum without going over.

2. Review a Little, Get a Lot

Now that you know how to make those Points count, here’s the easiest way to earn them: review your monthly samples! Each review is worth 10 Points. Not only are you earning cash to spend in the Shop, you’re also helping other subscribers learn about products they may not have gotten the chance to try yet. Obsessed with this month’s samples? All the products in your box ship free until the 10th of the following month.

3. Two Words: Bonus. Shop.

Never, ever leave without checking the Bonus Shop. It’s your very own beauty grab bag, filled with freebies, extras, and must-have add-ons to snag on your way to check out. There are some real gems in there, and you don’t want to miss out!

4. Your Email Inbox is Your Second Best Friend

Because Birchbox is your first, of course! Seriously, though, there is nothing better than receiving emails about promotional codes, special offers and exclusives. Not on our email list? Send us a note at so we can help.

5. Update Your Profile on the Regular

Your Beauty Profile is where all the personalized magic happens (it helps us determine which samples to send you) so update it regularly. Get a haircut? We want to know. Looking for a new perfume? Change your status. We suggest revisiting it every 90 days.

6. Become Our Version of a VIP

Earn 500 points in a calendar year and you’ll snag a coveted spot in Birchbox Aces, our VIP program. Members get all sorts of major perks, like free shipping and an anniversary treat. One of our favorite Ace hacks? You can add an ACE pack and a Mystery Sample Pack to your order of $75 or more. (That’s five samples—practically a Birchbox for free!)

7. Simplify Foundation Shopping

We’re the first to admit that finding the right foundation shade online can be a bit challenging, but please don’t suffer in silence! Our Find Your Shade feature is designed to help you pinpoint the perfect hue. Still at a loss? Our Discovery Specialists are here to help! Reach out to them to schedule a one-on-one consultation where they can give you personalized tips.

8. Shop Birchbox IRL

Meet the newest addition to the family, Birchbox SoHo, where you can shop your favorite products in person, test out makeup trends at our Try Bar, get 30-minute hairstyles (glamour waves!), take beauty workshops and more. Even better? These classes are free to Birchbox subscribers. Slots fill up quickly, so reserve your spot. Not in NYC? We see a beauty vacation in your future.

9. Let Me, Let Me Upgrade Ya

Every month we give our subscribers the chance to upgrade their box with a little something special we like to call Birchbox Plus. You can add beauty and lifestyle items, often priced less than their full retail value, to your monthly shipment. We’ll send you an email each month when it’s time to place your order (which is why #4 on this list is so important!)

10. Let Birchbox Plan Your Wedding

Okay, so that’s not exactly possible. But we can definitely help make sure brides, 'maids, grooms, and everyone else in the wedding party is looking good on the big day. Consult the Birchbox Wedding Planner for gift ideas, nuptial beauty and grooming must-haves and more.

11. Tell A Friend to Tell A Friend!

Finally, refer everyone you know will love Birchbox as much as you do with your referral link. You’ll earn 50 points every time a friend purchases their own Birchbox subscription. Bringing beauty to their door and putting $5 in your pocket? It’s a win-win.

Got any tried-and-true subscriber tips you want to share with your fellow beauty-loving friends? Tell us in the comments!

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