Birchbox Test Drive: Founder Edition

When it comes to testing new products our fearless leaders are pretty, well, fearless. To wit, we challenged Birchbox co-founder Hayley to test out betty&ko™’s Hartley Clay, a luxe dehydrated mud mask packed with detoxifying clay minerals. Unlike most face masks, betty&ko™’s blemish-healing variety comes in a loose powder form that’s meant to be combined with yogurt or water. Not only did Hayley happily take it for a test-drive, she even convinced her fiancé Fredrick to get in on the action, too! Here’s her take on the vintage-inspired beauty good:

So, what did you think?
I really liked it! The mixing process was fun and felt like a very chic and earthy thing to do. Since I used yogurt that I’d stashed in my fridge, the mask was cooling and soothing, yet effective. The product definitely has a tingle.

Do you have any troubleshooting tips?
I'd recommend a test spot before going for the full face. I was worried the yogurt wouldn't stay in place or might fall off, but even with a thick layer it was totally fine. Also, having a washcloth handy for when it's time to take it off.

And of course, we need to know how you convinced your fiancé to help with your test-drive! How did Fredrik enjoy the mask?
Fredrik was a good sport with the mask. And I personally think he was glowing afterwards!

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