Birchbox Test Kitchen: New Year’s Lucky Spread

Ring in the New Year with love, health and prosperity with some of my favorite lucky foods below. Your party attendees will thank you when they live long and prosper!


For your New Year’s spread, try a hummus-style lentil dip. Lentils resemble coins, and coins signify wealth. Prosperity for the gold!

Black-eyed peas

First, delicious. Second, ditto on the coin resemblance. You could make these as a side dish with greens and bacon, or puree them with some olive oil and salt for a light and simple dip.


Pork is purportedly the luckiest food! Pigs represent progress and prosperity. Wrap some in a blanket so some of that prosperity rubs off!

Leafy greens

They look like paper money (there seems to be a hangup in the lucky superstitions department), but I always think it behooves a girl to eat some kale. Especially if you’re on the pork train.

And don’t forget the festive AND fortune-bearing champagne punch. This one is made with pomegranates. Luck is yummy.

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