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DIY · June 26, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Get Punchy

For most of us, the official start of summer means sticky, sweat-inducing heat. Cool off and stay hydrated with this refreshing Melon Ball Punch from Divas Can Cookits basically air conditioning in a cup. Fresh mint and crisp melon make this drink extra tasty, so we wont judge if you guzzle two (or three).

Upgrade Your Bookshelf

If summer reading is high on your agenda, consider one of Brit+Cos top six apps for bookworms. Shelfie will digitize your dusty paperbacks, while Oyster will help you discover the next indie author. And if youre looking for book ideas, Overdrive will allow you to borrow from other users' shelves without wandering the aisles for hours.

Find Your New Jam

Add some sultry vocals to your Saturday soundtrack with Leon Bridges' debut album, Coming Home. Check out the title track, a throwback to retro grooves, and reserve bragging rights for knowing him before anyone else.

Hack Your Polish Collection

Sick of looking at the five nail colors you never wear? Check out Bustles guide for using your old nail polish to do anything from cleaning up other polish to fixing your window screens. Not only will it help you get organized, its also an excuse for a fresh mani-pedi!


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