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DIY · August 14, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Avoid a Dinner Disaster

We've all experienced a dinner emergencyyou know, the nights when you arrive home after work to find an empty pantry and nothing but expired milk in the fridge. Thankfully, these Emergency Freezer Burritos from Bon Apptit prove that a healthy meal can always be within reach (into your freezer) with just a little extra planning, no Seamless required.

Make Your Own Tank

Summers heating up and we are, for sure, running out of cute clothes to keep us cool. Enter the perfect tank top DIY from Rookie Mag. Its cheeky, personalized, and most definitely in our price range. This shirt has us ready to expand Crop Top Tuesdays to every day of the week.

Relive Your Favorite TV Moments

We have a lot to thank Buzzfeed for, like knowing if we are truly a Ross or a Rachel, which burrito best matches our horoscope, and now, a podcast called Rerun, which explores its guests' favorite TV episodes in immense detail. First up: An analysis of one of the best hours of Freaks and Geeks.

Punch Up Your Pilates Routine

If POP Pilatesthe upbeat twist on pilates for beginnerswere someone in your friend group, it'd definitely be the life of the party. Follow this tutorial from Blogilates for a total body workout and whip your core into shape with fun reps that are more like dancing than exercising.


Britni Birt

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