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March 4, 2022

Birchbox x Movemeant for Womens History Month

All year long Birchbox is committed to bringing you the best brands and products, while empowering women. In March, Womens History Month, that means spotlighting the incredible female founders were so lucky to work with. As part of our Womens Empowerment Series, were bringing the best female-founded brands to one place so you can discover awesome products and support meaningful causes all at once.

For every product you purchase in March, Birchbox will donate a portion of the proceeds to Movemeant Foundation, a non-profit that celebrates physical movement to help women and girls unlock values like self-confidence, resilience, commitment, balance and community.

The Movemeant Philosophy

Movemeant is committed to making fitness accessible, fun, and empowering, while shifting the conversation from weight loss and typical beauty ideals to body positivity and supporting one another. Movemeant is shifting the narrative about what it means to live and be well. They recognize the reality that young women are continuously bombarded with images and messages that glorify perfection and thin, oftentimes unrealistic body ideals. In many instances, theres also inadequate education on the merits of healthy, active, nutritious living. As a result, young women are failing to realize how extraordinary they are and instead, focusing on everything theyre not.

Movemeant believes that every body is meant to move and that through movement, women, and girls can find self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive body imagevalues that lead to physical, emotional, and mental well-being for the rest of their lives.

More for March

In addition to partnering with the non-profit Movemeant, were bringing you 5 live-streamed events this month with incredible female leaders and founders. Tune in to be inspired and meet more female-founded brands that promote self-love, body positivity, and the tools to live your best life in the skin youre in.

Remember, for every product you purchase in March, well donate a portion of the proceeds to Movemeant, a non-profit that celebrates physical movement to unlock values like self-confidence, resilience, commitment, balance and community. Head to our Female-Founded shop to support this organization, along with women-founded businesses, while looking amazing.


Jac Wray

While a self-described social butterfly, I find empowerment in my independence. Taking myself on a spur of the moment solo vacation, dinner dates to new restaurants or parts of the city where my company is solely the characters in the book I bring, visiting the local bar and getting to know the bartenders over a glass of wine… or 3. I find that intimate moments with myself leave me feeling brave, confident, and empowered to take on the world without depending on anything else as a buffer. It also gives me time to reflect, plan, journal and explore new places at my own pace.