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May 24, 2019

Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Taking a step back, we launched BirchboxMan back in 2012 as a scrappy startup working quickly to bring a test to market. Our goal was to offer men an easy, efficient way to upgrade their grooming routines. Would they want it? The answer turned out to be yes, they sure as hell did.

We introduced men to eye cream and fancy shampoo. We helped grow indie grooming brands and added value in new ways to larger, more well-known brands. We introduced a lower-priced, $10/month subscription option in 2017 and saw 100% year-over-year growth.

But despite the success we were seeing, something didnt feel right. It was the name BirchboxMan. We believe that you shouldnt modify a brand name with human qualifiers (like Man) that express a limitation on the type of people that should buy your product. Unless, of course, thats truly the intent. We offer beauty products and we offer grooming products, but our perspective is that anyone can shop either category; we dont want our brand name to dictate whos allowed to shop grooming. So the Man had to go.

A small shift happened last year, when we renamed the navigation at the top right of our site from Womens and Mens to Beauty and Grooming. That was driven by feedback from a non-gender-conforming customer, and were deeply thankful for the much-needed kick in the butt to accelerate these plans. Inclusivity is a company-wide priority at Birchbox, but we lose credibility if we continue to indicate a gender restriction on our grooming business with the Man label.

Now were re-branding the rest of our physical and digital experience for grooming. BirchboxMan will be replaced by Birchbox Grooming on our monthly boxes, on our gift cards, across our site and in our marketing. If you follow @birchboxman on social, youll see that its now @birchboxgrooming. And if you catch an errant Man lingering somewhere we missed, please let us know!
Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

-The Birchbox Team

P.S. Were adding Birchbox Grooming sections to each of our Birchbox at Walgreens pilot locations starting May 31st! Come find us here.


Kate Bartick