The New Crop of Celeb Lifestyle Sites

Say what you will about Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle site Goop, the actress sure knows how to make a mean smoothie. Now a whole slew of A-listers are following her lead—most notably Blake Lively, whose new site, Preserve, just hit the Internet. Check out our guide to her latest (non-acting) endeavor and the other celebs schilling lifestyle goods in the near future:


The Celeb: Blake Lively
The Gist: Half magazine, half online shop, Preserve will showcase handmade items from artisans around the country. “People want things with meaning. I know that because I want that. This space doesn’t exist, so I’m creating it,” she recently told Vogue.

Draper James

The Celeb: Reese Witherspoon
The Gist: Under the guidance of C. Wonder’s former CEO, Reese has plans to open a brick and mortar shop for everything from housewares to fashion and accessories for chic moms (and their also-stylish little ones). Don’t add Draper James to your holiday shopping list just yet, though—the first location won’t open until 2015.


The Celeb: Ellen Degeneres
The Gist: Is there anything Ellen Degeneres can’t do (including taking the most famous selfie ever)? She can add lifestyle guru to the list soon with E.D. (pronounced “Ed”). Launching this fall, the e-comm hub will sell a small collection of Ellen-approved home goods, soon to be followed by clothing, accessories, and goodies for your cats and dogs.

Style Thief

The Celeb: Kate Bosworth
The Deal: Bosworth’s new app allows you to track down that amazing dress you saw your coworker wearing this week. Just snap a photo of the desired item (even from the pages of Us Weekly) and upload it to find its shoppable match. Apparently Bosworth uses it herself!

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