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Makeup Tutorials · May 26, 2015

The Key to Flawless Skin Might Be Blurred Makeup

##They Erase Pores

Blurring primers act like spackle between your skin and makeup, preventing foundation from seeping into problem spots to create a smooth, flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup. Benefits The POREfessional, a nude-tinted gel with a velvety finish, and dr. brandts pores no more pore refiner primer, a sheer balm that dries like a powder, mask imperfections by sitting on top of skin in a velvety-smooth formula, acting like a veil over flaws.


##They Create an Airbrushed Effect

In the era of high definition everything, you want your coverage to be Photoshop-perfect. The technology used in complexion correctors like Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Filter Powder Foundation uses light-reflecting particles to diffuse light in different directions, resulting in a blurred, soft-focus appearance. The buildable powder lets you use a heavier hand to conceal problematic areas like your nose (aforementioned pores) and forehead (wrinkles).


##They Give You a Filter-ish Finish

The next time you catch yourself in the mirror under harsh, unforgiving light and wish you could shrink inside your phones camera and live there (color corrected) forever, dust a translucent powder like Prescriptives' Magic Liquid Powder or W3LL PEOPLE's Bio Brightener Powder on top of your makeup. The featherweight, sheer formulas create a light-reflecting, flaw-softening effect and can be used in place of your everyday powder when you want to give your face a smooth, tech-free upgrade.



Lauren Smith