Box Cutters: What’s the Deal with Feedback?

Once you're a subscriber, Birchbox Man offers you a whole lot in addition to the monthly sample shipment. You'll find advice on how to use your products as well as general style guidance here on the Guide, get special offers on full-size products in our Shop, and earn points to put toward the stuff you dig the most. In this first installment of Box Cutters, our recurring series about how to make the most of your subscription, we give you the lowdown on scoring points by leaving feedback.

Give Feedback; Get Points

Every month, you can give feedback on each of your samples and earn points to spend in the Birchbox Shop. Here's how the process works:

1. Log into your Birchbox account

2. Click on the 'Box' tab located on the top of the page in the 'Men' section of the site. There you can see all the items in your most recent box.

3. Click on each product listed, and you’ll be taken to the product page.

4. Click the small blue link that says "Write a Review" below the name of the product.

5. Click on the link and fill out the feedback form.

6. Don’t forget to click ‘submit’ when you’re done.

We update the items in your Box tab after boxes have shipped (around the 25th day of each month). Starting at that point you have 30 days to leave feedback on the stuff in your latest box. For each feedback form you submit you get 10 points. Maybe you weren't crazy about a sample you got? All the more reason to leave feedback and get points you can spend on full-size products you really want.

Your feedback gives us a better idea of what our customers like, and it drives inspiration for future boxes. Just like we hope to help you upgrade your grooming routine, we hope you can help us improve and refine our process. Here's to making it better.

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