The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Game Plan

Every bride-to-be should live by the motto “always plan ahead.” Prepping your skin, hair, body, and mind for your wedding in advance is just as important as selecting the perfect gown. We've teamed up with an all-star cast of skincare, hair, and health gurus to provide you with a foolproof prep plan. Ready, set, go!

1 Year

  • Make a bridal beauty budget and stick to it. This way, all your spa and salon visits are accounted for right off the bat.

  • Address your skin. "Start getting facials that include a pumpkin or papaya enzyme peel once every 4-6 weeks," says skincare expert June Jacobs. "Start a strict skincare regimen that includes cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream."

  • Start collecting photos of your favorite hairstyles. "If you're hoping to have long, flowing hair on your wedding day, this is the perfect time to start growing it out," says Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, our favorite blowout haven.

  • Boost your health. "Create long-term lifestyle changes, which include eating more alkaline-forming foods," advises celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Raw greens and ripe fruit are the way to go: try adding them to a morning smoothie. Drew Barrymore and Fergie are big fans of Snyder's signature Glowing Green Smoothie. Yum!

6 Months

  • Keep skin hydrated – especially at night. "Your skin repairs itself when you sleep, so apply a nourishing serum and moisturizer before bed that includes ingredients like soy extract, elastin, and collagen," Jacobs recommends.

  • Narrow down your hairstyle options to three favorites. Whether you're debating an elegant updo, whimsical braids, or loose waves, drop by a salon and try them all.

  • Commit to a healthy diet. "Besides your morning smoothie, eat at least one large salad a day, and cut out sodas, refined sugars, carbs, and an excess of animal fats," says Snyder.

  • Start a regular exercise routine that incorporates both cardio and strength-building. "Also, daily meditation and breathing exercises will help you maintain control over stress," says Snyder.

3 Months

  • Pencil in any grooming extras like laser hair removal, brow waxing or threading, or teeth whitening.
  • Book your official hair and makeup appointments. If you're a DIY kind of girl, start practicing your look at home. Don’t fret if your ideal hairstyle demands more than your natural hair provides. "You can always add a few clip-in extensions for extra length and fullness," Webb says.

1 Week

  • This is your final week before the wonderful madness begins, so touch up everything you can think of: hair color, brows, bikini line – the whole nine yards!

  • Book a gentle facial or use a trusted at-home treatment. "To prevent a last-minute bad reaction, avoid trying any new skincare products," Jacobs advises.

  • Give your locks a super-shine boost and try a hydrating hair mask. "They're fantastic and make your hair amazingly shiny!" says Webb.

  • It's time to buckle down, food-wise. "Maintain an extra-strict, mostly plant-based diet this week," suggests Snyder. "Give caffeine a break, too. Caffeine can increase jitters and lead to undereye puffiness and circles."

2 Days

  • Schedule a mani/pedi and squeeze in a decadent massage – you deserve it!

  • Keep hair and makeup simple for all pre-wedding events. "Opt for a classic blowout," Webb recommends. "And, to retain natural moisture, don't wash your hair until the day of the wedding."

  • Relax and rest!

Congratulations, gorgeous!

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