Brow Rx: How to Fix Too-Light Eyebrows

Benefit Cosmetics, the brow authority, is all about turning brow woes into brow wows, whether it's with their innovative products or in-store services. With that in mind, we asked the brand's international spokesperson, Jared Bailey, to "diagnose" a few of our staffers' arch issues and provide the Benefit "prescription" to fix their concerns. First up, here's what to do when your eyebrows are too light.

Staffer: Caroline

Symptoms: Eyebrows that are lighter in color than the hair on her head. Generally speaking, Caroline's arches are washed-out and lacking definition.

Diagnosis: Too light

The Prescription: Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil
Instantly add a hint of color to light brows with a soft wax pencil. Taking your brows one to two shades deeper than your base hair color enhances your arches and helps your eyes take center stage. Ideally, you get your brows tinted by a professional regularly (Benefit offers this service at all of its Brow Bars), but in between visits, the wax like formula of this pencil will set to a powder finish that gives the appearance of natural looking brows and just the right hint of color.

The Dosage:
Step 1: With the tip of the pencil, sketch over the existing hair using tiny, feathery strokes.
Step 2: Take the spoolie tool on the opposite end to groom the brow and blend in any excess product through the brow hair.

Find more of Benefit's fantastic brow solutions in our Brows that W-O-W Shop.

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