Brow Rx: How to Fix Too-Sparse Eyebrows

Benefit Cosmetics, the brow authority, is all about turning brow woes into brow wows, whether it's with their innovative products or in-store services. With that in mind, we asked the brand's international spokesperson, Jared Bailey, to "diagnose" a few of our staffers' arch issues and provide the Benefit "prescription" to fix their concerns.

Staffer: Kendall

Symptoms: Eyebrows that are patchy and have a few spots where the hair doesn't grow.

Diagnosis: Too sparse

The Prescription: Benefit Cosmetics' gimme brow is a brow fiber-gel that instantly adds volume. The formula's lightweight, buildable micro-fibers adhere to the skin and hair mimicking the look of real hair while creating dimension and texture. Plus, the formula builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending and a precision tip for shaping.

The Dosage:
Step 1: Press and sweep the precision tip brush along the brow starting at the inner edge.
Step 2: Use short pressing motions to fill in sparse areas and define shape.
Step 3: Once desired fullness is achieved, comb through to blend.

Find more of Benefit's fantastic brow solutions in our Brows that W-O-W Shop.

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