Bryce Harper Reveals Surprising Dietary Secrets

We've long-admired Bryce Harper's adventurous spirit in the hair department, but when the Washington Nationals outfielder showed up to spring training this year looking like an extremely angry Bruce Banner, all our attention was focused on his nutrition and workout routine.

So, how exactly does a ball player get comic-book jacked like this without performance enhancing substances? The Washington Post recently got Harper to open up about his nutritional secrets. As with any man's diet, there are contradictions, struggles, and dessert. Take notes, fellas (albeit selectively):

"Harper pours glutamine powder into yogurt-and-fruit shakes and drops amino vitamins into homemade organic juice. He also scarfs his mom's made-from-scratch cooking. He sneaks Klondike Bars, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and Double Stuff Oreos. He does not drink Red Bull or Five-Hour Energy, both full of sugar and caffeine and 'absolutely terrible for you,' he said. Harper may submit to a craving for Mountain Dew but only in the offseason, and even then he takes one sip and throws the can in the trash...Harper leans toward whole foods and natural supplements and carries a water bottle constantly. He avoids sugary drinks, treats pain relievers with skepticism and abhors performance-enhancing drugs. He turned 21 in October. He says he still does not -- will not -- drink alcohol."

So, to review the main takeaways: Everything in moderation. Except for water and mom's home cooking, which should be consumed voraciously, and alcohol and energy drinks, which should be eschewed entirely. We'd like to find out his favorite Mountain Dew flavor (we're partial to Code Red), but have a feeling that would probably qualify as a clown question, bro.

Photo: Sheahin/Sousa as special to WJFK

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