Buenos Aires in a Bottle

When I was 20 years old, I fell in love with Buenos Aires. Studying abroad there as a junior in college, I couldn’t have been happier: the food, the late nights, the endless Malbec—I quickly realized that BA is a very special place. Since I can’t go back as often as I would like (you wouldn’t believe the price of a plane ticket!), I am always looking for ways to bring a little Argentine flair to my life. That’s why AYRES, a brand inspired by BA, immediately caught my attention. Created by native Argentinian Alejandro Rasic, the entire line is an ode to the city—from the packaging, to the fragrances, to the name (in traditional Spanish, the name of the city was spelled “Buenos Ayres”).

Even though I was predetermined to like the products, I have to say that the quality really won me over. For one, Rasic infuses all of his products with 100% pure oils, which means that the scents are both lovely and long-lasting. I’m particularly hooked on the Midnight Tango Body Butter, which smells like the most amazing combination of sweet vanilla and orange blossom. The hydration, too, can’t be beat. I’ve been using this body butter after getting out of the shower in the mornings, and I’ve noticed that my skin stays moisturized for hours thanks to the formula's natural plant emollients and shea nut butter. So until I can find that cheap flight, I’ll look to AYRES’ sweet-smelling products as my passport back to that South American paradise.

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