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Hair · October 1, 2015

Men's Hair Tutorial: How To Maintain and Style a Modern Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut Requirements

** The length can be anywhere from a #1 buzzer guard to a #4, but whether you keep it close-cropped or more textured, make sure its a uniform length all around the head.

For a darker Caesar, have the barber use a longer length setting, and cut the hair with the grain. This looks especially good if you already have waves.

** The hairline should be low on the forehead and cut evenly straight across. Make sure this stays as close to your natural hairline as possible to avoid pushback.

How to Style a Caesar Cut

1. Using a boar bristle brush, brush hair the way you would to get wavesforward to the hairline, diagonally toward the chin at the sides, and straight down in back.

2. Finish off with a sheen oil to add nutrients and shine to the hair.

More Mens Hair Styling Tips

Be sure to pick a hairstyle that matches your face shape.

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Different stylerslike wax, paste, pomade, or creamdo different things. See where they fall on the Hold vs. Shine hair-styling matrix.


Adam Hurly