Can You Really Hide a Tattoo with Concealer?

We recently found ourselves awestruck by the Camo Confessions campaign from derma-cosmetic specialists Dermablend. In it, real people proudly demonstrate just how effective the products are at disguising their severe skin conditions. They fully embrace their so-called flaws, but feel empowered by being able to mask them—when they want to, on their own terms.

Inspired, and curious to test the coverage ourselves, we asked three staffers to temporarily hide everything from hyperpigmentation to tattoos and dark scarring. Our resident makeup artist Nathaniel Yordan helped with the application, though you can totally do it on your own. When the time came to compare the before and after shots, it was as if our staffers had been Photoshopped before our very eyes. See for yourself:

Chelsea Long

Staffer: Chelsea Long, Discovery Specialist
The Coverage Challenge: Hyperpigmentation and scarring due to teenage acne
The Process: Nathaniel first applied a light layer of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer to Chelsea’s skin. “It creates a base so you only need a small about of heavier coverage,” he explains. For hyperpigmented areas, he applied Dermablend’s Cover Cream. Put it straight onto the skin with your fingers, or use a sponge or brush for a softer look. Nathaniel then dabbed the Quick Fix Concealer on Chelsea's eyes, nose, and blemishes, followed by a layer of the Intense Powder Camo. Then to brighten up her complexion, he applied the Quick Fix Illuminator to Chelsea's eyes, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.
Application time: 15-20 minutes

Lisa Kirshner

Staffer: Lisa Kirshner, Production Assistant
The Coverage Challenge: Two—very cool, might we add—wrist tattoos
The Process: It’s all a matter of finding the right concealer shade for your skin. To begin, Nathaniel covered Lisa’s tattoos with the Tattoo Primer with a small brush to neutralize any green hues. He then layered on the Cover Creme using a small brush, followed with Leg and Body Cover, and sealed everything with the Powder Camo. After repeating the process a few times, Lisa’s tattoos were barely noticeable—only the outline of her raised skin was visible.
Application time: About 30 minutes

Kari Jones

Staffer: Kari Jones, Executive Assistant
The Coverage Challenge: A four-inch burn on her right knee
The Process: Nathaniel began by applying the Quick Fix Concealer to Kari’s scar with a small brush, then blended with a big, fluffy brush. “The concealer’s texture is like a opaque cream that you can really paint on,” he says. He then applied strategic layers of the Cover Creme followed by the Powder Camo to build natural-looking coverage. To finish, he mixed the Smooth Indulgence Foundation with a few pumps of moisturizer and blended it onto both of Kari’s legs to bring out her skin’s warm undertones.
Application time: 15-20 minutes

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