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Body · April 24, 2015

The One Body Positive Video Everyone Needs to Watch

No one is immune to insecuritynot even pro fitness instructor and creator of the YouTube workout channel Blogilates, Cassey Ho. She learned to grow a thicker skin in the face of cyberbullying as her popularity grew, but lately, the comments have been so negative that she reached a breaking pointas did her self-esteem. In response, she posted a video entitled The "Perfect" Bodyinstead of demonstrating a total body circuit workout or a sequence of squats, she digitally alters her shape to make it fit the so-called ideal, asking, "So what if I changed? What if I had a slimmer waist and a bigger butt? ... What if I lived in a world where I could photoshop my body in real life? Would I be happy then?" As her video shows, the answer may not be what you think:


Erica Smith