You may have hated this back then, but you're thanking her now.

7 Beauty Tips from Mom That Will Never Get Old

Before we were old enough to get our hands on beauty mags or stream YouTube tutorials, we had our moms, whom we watched carefully in the mirror as they applied eye creams and lipsticks—and used other bewildering devices like lash curlers. As we prepare to honor them for all their amazingness, let’s pay homage to the beauty lessons they taught us that still ring true today.

1. Nothing Wakes You Up Like a Little Lipstick

The ever-present tube of classic red in your mom’s purse wasn’t just for dressing up—we now understand what a pick-me-up it can be on any day.

2. Always Slather Yourself in SPF

You may have squirmed or rolled your eyes as she coated you in Coppertone when you were little, but now you (hopefully!) get it: Applying—and reapplying, and reapplying—SPF is absolutely essential to staying safe in the sun and guarding your skin against wrinkles and age spots.

3. Don’t Bite Your Nails

Whether her method entailed bitter-tasting treatments or candy rewards, we’re thankful that she broke us of this habit. These days, our picture-perfect cuticles and well-buffed moons are the stuff ‘manigrams are made of.

4. Wash Your Face Every. Single. Night.

Face washing once seemed like an unnecessary step in our nightly routine, but it’s now an unskippable part of our skin-perfecting regimens.

5. A Curler Is Your Ticket to Big Lashes

What may have appeared to be a torture device at age eight became the saving grace of our teen years and beyond. Just a simple squeeze of a curler adds volume and pizzazz to otherwise blah lashes.

6. Wear a Scent People Can Remember You By

Is there a perfume you associate with your mom? We thought so. Decades later we understand the importance of aligning ourselves with a signature, unforgettable fragrance.

7. Stick With What Works

While we’re all for experimentation, there’s something to be said for our mother's loyalty to a timeless bob or nude nails. Some looks, just like their advice, really do never go out of style.

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