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How to Update Bleach-Blonde Hair (Without Making it All Fall Out)

Spend a few minutes clicking through our past YouTube uploads and you’ll quickly discover that video editor Lorelei is our resident hair chameleon: She’s gone red, dark, light, and somewhere in between; she’s tried bangs, and even chopped a spontaneous in-office bob (compliments of Hollywood stylist Chris McMillan) without batting an eye. But once you hit platinum, where do you go from there? Eager to build on her statement bleach-blonde style—without piling on more damage—Lorelei headed to the Davines + Atelier at Ion Studio salon in SoHo to try the eco-friendly brand's Mother of Pearl color technique.

Davines ION Salon NYC

Lorelei's hair when she first stepped into the salon.

The Colors

Davines A Pure Color

Bleach is usually involved when you’re getting highlights or going for a pastel effect, but Lorelei’s nearly-white bob was ready to paint on arrival. “Her hair is actually the perfect tone right now,” stylist Jenna Perry explained as she prepped six Davines Pure A New Colour shades with base to create pretty pastels. Because the permanent hair color is completely ammonia-free, Perry was able to mix up mint, seafoam, peach, lilac, pink, and dusty blue shades without a harsh chemical smell flooding the salon.

The Application

Davines Mother of Pearl Color Application

Using the six shades, Perry painted small sections of Lorelei’s hair, alternating, varying, and layering the colors to create an opalescent finish. After reaching the top layers of her hair, and going through an impressive amount of Saran wrap, Perry left the colors to process for half an hour. During processing, the dyes’ natural active ingredients go to work; cornstarch helps prevent static and thicken hair, while vegetable pigments packed with antioxidants help protect, rather than dry out and damage hair.

The Styling

Davines Minu Shampoo and Conditioner

After shampooing and toning Lorelei’s roots, Perry spritzed Lorelei’s damp hair with a generous amount of Davines MINU Hair Serum, a leave-in spray infused with protective caper blossom extract to protect colored hair, amp up the shine factor, and help her new, subtle shade make it through the summer. Then she broke out the blow dryer and followed up with a few spritzes of Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray to add lived-in texture. Finally, she wrapped sections of Lorelei’s hair, now with peach and seafoam layers, around a curling wand, leaving the ends free, to create a perfectly messy bob. Thanks to the opalescent highlights, her platinum hair and cool-girl texture have even more dimension.

The Aftercare

Davines Mother of Pearl

Dreamy pastel hair is perfect for summer, but the season’s side effects, from things like back-to-back pool parties and spending considerable time in the sun, make the color that much harder to maintain. Perry’s advice: Try to get your hair wet less frequently, meaning stay out of the pool if possible (or at least keep your head above water!) and cut down on shampoos. When you do wet your hair, make sure it’s to wash and condition with a duo specifically made for colored hair, like Davines MINU Shampoo, which gently cleanses without stripping hair, and MINU Conditioner which detangles without weighing hair down. Both are infused with caper blossom extract, sourced from a farm in Salina, Italy, to help hair hold onto new color better and longer—because there are still plenty of photo ops left before Labor Day.

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