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Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Southpaw” Workout Routine KOs All Other Workout Routines

No stranger to method acting, Southpaw star Jake Gyllenhaal (who lost 30 pounds for his role in 2014's Nightcrawler) went from a lean 147 to a jacked 175 for his part in this year's must-see boxing film. Here's how Gyllenhaal's disciplined workout routine prepared him for the role.

1. He worked out six hours a day, every single day.

Gyllenhaal’s pre-movie routine started light: 90 minutes in the morning, and again at night. Yeah, it's light by comparison: He eventually doubled this and was exercising six hours a day. His frequency and amped-up hours of intense training are what allowed his body to make such a dramatic jump in a relatively small amount of time (just six months).

2. He did more than just box.

While he worked for a solid three hours each day on boxing technique and footwork, Gyllenhaal also chiseled his physique with 2,000 daily sits ups, plus would flip 350-lb. tires and run eight miles five times a week.

3. He made sacrifices.

While Gyllenhaal didn’t have a particularly rigorous diet to match his crazy workout routine, he did eat relatively healthy and, quite specifically, avoided chicken wings.

4. He studied up.

Gyllenhaal has long been a student of boxing. He has attended several professional matches which he used as a major source of education for both his character and his workout regimen.

Read about his entire fitness transformation on E online, and then pick up a few additional boxing workouts that you can incorporate into your own routine.

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