Got a Lob? Here’s How to Style It.

So you’ve made the chop and got that formerly awkward mid-length style that seemingly every single celebrity is wearing these days. But without some styling tricks up your sleeve, a collarbone-grazing cut can fall a little, well, flat. The best part about the long bob, says celebrity hairstylist Sascha Breuer, is its versatility—it lends itself to defined curls as easily as it does sleek blowouts. He shared his tips for making your lob stand out, depending on your hair texture.

If You Have Straight Hair That Needs a Lift


The Lob Profile: Last month, Birchbox staffer Mollie cut off six inches to create a layered lob with long bangs. While she typically styles it by applying texturizing spray to her air-dried hair, she wants to mix it up with more voluminous waves like Alexis Bledel.
How to Style: To add some texture, Breuer recommends adding lift to the roots with a volumizing spray, then prepping hair with a heat protectant like Number 4’s Thermal Styling Spray. Next, use a flat iron to create soft, casual waves by wrapping sections of hair around it like you would with a curling iron. Apply a product with a slight grip (we used PARLOR by Jeff Chastain’s Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray) and pull out the waves with your fingers.

If You Have Natural Curls You Like to Show Off


The Lob Profile: Staffer Cristina’s shoulder-grazing spirals prove that curly girls can work the lob, too. The challenge: Keeping your texture defined and flyaway-free, similar to Thandie Newton’s effortlessly controlled look.
How to Style: To add shape without frizz, Breuer says to prep hair while damp with a mousse or gel (Cristina used Curl Keeper’s Curly Hair Solutions Gel), and then blowdry with a diffuser. Follow by using a curling iron with a barrel that matches your curl size, wrapping individual spirals around it to define them. Follow the flow of your natural curls, wrapping in opposite directions, to keep the look natural. Finish by working some shine-inducing product like Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Instant Glossing Cream into your hands and recurl the sections near your face with your fingers.

If You Have Textured Hair You Prefer to Tame


The Lob Profile: Staffer Vanessa's naturally curly hair springs up to be several inches shorter, but she likes to blow it straight sometimes. Though the heat of the dryer helps keep her hair smooth, it takes a couple extra steps to get a sleek style like model and DJ Leigh Lezark.
How to Style: Once your hair is blow-dried, Breuer recommends opting for a side part to add lift and drama. Use a straight iron on a low temperature to protect your hair from damage (we like the control of Sedu’s Revolution Flat Iron), working from the bottom section of your hair towards the top. Rub a light serum in between your palms like PHYTO’s Ulta-Glossing Finishing Serum to add shine and smooth any lingering flyaways.

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