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5 Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

By now you know to slather sunscreen all over your body. You even remember to cover those pesky places you usually forget like the tops of your hands. But what about your hair?! Even if it doesn’t technically burn, UV rays break down the cuticle, leaving your strands dry, damaged, and frizzy, says Giulia Heiman, a stylist at Jeff Chastain's Parlor in New York City. She shared her tips for keeping your hair hydrated, protected, and healthy.

Leave in Some Serious Conditioner

When you’re at the beach or by the pool, comb a restorative conditioner like Davines' MOMO in wet hair, then throw it up into a bun to create a barrier from UV rays and keep hair hydrated. If you’re going to be standing in the blazing heat at an outdoor wedding, protect strands with a leave-in conditioner, like It's a 10’s Miracle Leave-In Product before you style it.

Prevent (and Reverse) Damage With a Mask

The sun’s rays are harsher in the summer, so even if you aren’t on the beach every day, your hair can still get damaged when you go outside. Use a mask like Beauty Protector’s Protect & Treat Hair Mask once a week to maintain moisture. For those occasions where you are outside for a long time, try to use a mask or restorative conditioner like Sachajuan’s Hair After The Sun as soon as possible afterwards. The heat leaves the cuticle open and more porous, so your hair will absorb the hydrating treatment and repair faster.

Cut Back on Shampoo Sessions

The oil your hair naturally produces protects it from the sun, so you don’t want to over-wash during the warmer months. Instead of lathering up daily, opt for a dry shampoo like Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk or work a cleansing conditioner like Ojon’s rare blend Moisture-Rich version into your routine a couple times a week to clean your hair without stripping the cuticle of moisture.

Spritz on Some Protection

Some styling products can give you those effortless I-live-at-the-beach waves and protect your hair from the sun: PARLOR by Jeff Chastain’s Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray creates texture while adding moisture back into the cuticle—so your hair is less susceptible to the sun’s heat damage—and Fekkai’s new Pre Soleil Hair Mist keeps hair hydrated with sunflower seed oil while protecting it with an invisible UV filter, giving you that tousled, carefree look.

Don’t Forget About Your Part

If you’re not wearing a hat or the way you styled your hair leaves it exposed, apply a spray sunscreen (verses a cream, which will leave hair greasy) along the length of your part to protect it. A beach-ready messy bun will also do the trick.

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