Fire Hair Color

Image: Luanna Perez-Garreaud

Heat Things Up with the Newest Trend in Hair Color

Instagram was due for another out-of-the-box hair color trend, and the latest hue doesn't disappoint: Recently, our feeds have been lighting up with fire hair, or phoenix hair if you like to align your trends with mythical creatures (see: unicorn hair and mermaid hair). The look features a vibrant red at the top, which gradually fades into orange and eventually yellow at the ends—just like a multicolored flame. And unlike some of the other rainbow hues we’ve seen lately, this one can be customized for a more natural look, too (think auburn and blonde tones in place of red and yellow). We couldn't think of a better time for this ombré look to show up: The sizzling color scheme not only screams "summer," but we can see those shades easily transitioning to match the changing leaves in fall.

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